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Roll Forming of HSLA Steel for an Automotive Seat Track

Using our advanced roll forming technology, Comet Roll & Machine slug die cut a seat track used within an automobile application. Our Tishkin roll former, which was able to maintain a precision (±) .002 of an inch tolerance, die cut the track to print. We also performed gauge sizing to ensure the part’s proper functionality.

Constructed from high-strength low allot (HSLA) steel, the automotive seat track measured 18 inches in length, 15 inches in height, and 2 inches in width, with a material thickness of .098 of an inch. Additionally, the part weighed approximately 2 pounds. Meeting ISO 9001/9002 standards, our automotive seat track fulfilled all client product specifications and expectations for quality. After all production work was completed, we delivered this part to our client’s facility in Illinois.


Product Description

This Seat track is used within an automobile application

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Roll Forming

  • Slug Die Cutting

Gauge Sizing
De-flair fixture

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Tishken Roll Former

Overall Part Dimensions

Material Thickness: .098″
Width: 2″
Length: 18″
Height: 15″

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

High Strength Low Allot (HSLA) Steel



Estimated Part Weight

2 lbs

Industry for Use


Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

ISO 9001/9002

Product Name

Automotive Seat Track